Being alive an expression not really self-explanatory
Enjoying bits of moments an indicator of life
Being full of emotions a factor to live
Ability to hear, see, taste and touch, senses to express differences
And a brain to conjoin and relate experiences.
Just like the ever changing ocean tides, we are bound to change.
Life not to remain stagnated but a journey for the brain.
A journey of maturity, a journey of interaction
We have days so we can broaden experiences
Nights so we can relate them and broaden to other rea lms of fantasies
Emotions a greater factor than all others
Falling in love makes you stronger than any workout session can
A heartbreak brings you crumbling to the finest bits than any grinder can
Company of family and friends warms you better than any camp fire can
That is the beauty of change
This is the beauty of LIFE 

Credits to

Nyakundi Kevin Basil


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