Cheers to all sorrowful souls

I can’t keep blaming others for something I have control over.
I can’t keep wiping my tears coz of the damages I myself caused.

I can’t keep pulling myself down for every wrong mistake I have done.

I can’t keep carrying a heavy heart for the burdens I can cut out of my life

I can’t keep holding on to friends who don’t look through my eyes and see me.

I can’t wrap my shame and throw it away coz of all my fall outs whereas I can acknowledge and move past it.

I can’t hold on to a family that doesn’t recognize my weakness as much as they see my strength.

I can’t keep close my past claiming it reflects to my present situation whereas my future is bright.

I can’t keep falling and asking for forgiveness coz asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission.

I take full responsibilities of my actions. I am an adult enough to understand my responsibilities.

The consequences of my actions are something I fully understand.

I choose to accept where I am right now. 

I am here coz I put myself here. This state is a right of passage to show me of what I shouldn’t be.

And for all the sad, sorrowful souls, bitter thoughts, and angry hearts its healing time.

Credits to

Mary Mwas



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