So I have never been in love,
Damn that’s weird to say out loud,
Its like a cloud over my head,
Dull and dark eclipsing my heart,
It is neither joyous nor painful,
Its just the destiny of my existence,
But is my fate to be forever alone,
Is my life full, with only a single entity?
Is human nature solely based on companionship,
Do I have to be head over knees,
To be considered human?
Or am I an animal,
That’s why I can’t find love,
I look left and right,
To my friends and kin,
Each falling in love one at a time,
Changing their nature for better or worse,
Marriages upheld and divorces filed,
I ask when two become one,
Is that love.
Is love the goosebumps of hair rising ontop of your skin,
Is love just a tradition?
Is it just a way of life?
Is love even real or just unexplainable,
Or is it just a figmentation of everyone imagination?
I don’t know do you.