Tick tok tick tok tick tok,
The wheels of time are ever-moving,
A cog in constant motion,
Not even the greatest intellectuals,
Have been able to harness its power,
Mysteriously we have engineered life,
We have achieved breakthroughs that were not even dreamt before,
Whereas Life and time run on parallel symphony,
Like lyrics to a beat,
They produce the ever glorified,
Harmonies we call music,
Not this crap we hear on our airwaves,
But Music which flows through your body,
Linking the very fibers of creation,
One note by the other your body moves,
And a dance is born ,
Beat by beat,
a touch of heaven on earth,
Real music is like watching a sunset,
For the first time,
A beautiful composition of mother earth,
In its finest hour,
An inspiration to artists around The globe,
For millenias past,
And millennia come,
Life,destiny,mother earth,
Are all in service of time,
But what do u understand of time?
Is it a clock in your house,
Is it just am and pm,
Is it numbers one to twelve and rewind and back,
Is it memories with emotions that you have collected over age,
Or is it just invention of the mind,
To rule and govern our life cycle,
Or is time just a lie?
Am a ghost poet what are you?

Credits to
Mel the dreamer



Strings and dolls are just the beginning
Weird as it may seem,
A lot of us rarely ask are we puppets?
21years have passed,
And I still follow the system handed down,
From generation to generation,
The system dictates education is power,
Yet the most successful men are dropouts,
Illiterates govern the country,
While criminals are the most powerful individuals,
Why then are we taught to be sheep,
For the wolves to prey on?
Who says that a piece of paper can be currency,
The defining element between rich or poor,
Why should there be billionaires,
While there are billions dying of hunger,
Yes we accustom poverty to failure,
An act of laziness to some,
Why should u bring a child,
Into a world where all she will know is pain and suffering,
Where she will have to beg and squander,
For food and shelter,
Where she will have to sell the very essence that makes her special,
To men who will use and discard her,
Where she will be condemned for prostitution by the same men she pleasures,
Why should she be a puppet of Destiny?
Why do we let single individuals be the focus and limelight to our world?
We are so vexed with the lifes of the so called celebrities,
That we spend entire life savings ,
To view an individual,
Like a wild animal in a zoo,
Yet you have outstanding bills to cover,
Also instead of having friends and a life
We spend our lives following their gossips and rumours,
Truly is this literacy,
Is this the power of education?
Where we are robbed blind,
We are fucked Left and right,
Yet we are powerless to do anything,
Are we just slaves?
Puppets do our puppet masters bidding?
What are you?

Mel the dreamer