A sailors call upon us,
Harsh but true,reality versus fiction,
I stand a sailor in the sea of life,
The harshness of reality is existing and ever growing,
As we paddle for our millions,
We are met by a million distractions,
Alas this is the society we live in,
Getting an education worth 20+ years of your life,
Working 25hours a day but the outcome,
As grim and meagre that u cannot afford higher than the minimum wage,
Yet u have mouths to feed,
People who look up to u to provide,
A responsibility you gave birth to,
You cannot run from it,
Morals and principles distinguish your individuality,
Sometimes it becomes to much to bear,
And the most needy men turn to crime,
A crime of fortune turns to a cry for the innocents,
A battle fought among ourselves and against the law,
The Law in my case given to us by a government corporation,
A plague invested with corruption and bribery,
Which seeks to oppress the poor and enrich its officials,
Where our individual products are treated with contempt and a lower grade,
Whereas the neighbours products is enshrined and worshipped,
This is my country kenya,
And your nation,
A sea of treachery,
A sea of thieves,
Wake up my fellow sailors,
Hear the sweet song of the mermaids,
For the few enlightened we paddle for rest,
I can see land in the horizon,
A land to better ourselves,
This is my cry; a sailors cry,
Will you answer?

Mel the dreamer